Why Does Your Headhunting Company Want to Give You a Mock Interview?

Headhunting companies don't simply hook candidates up to suitable jobs as soon as they register. While some hires are an easy process, others take more time and work.

Because of this, firms often offer a range of recruitment services to help candidates during the process. For example, if you've recently registered with a headhunter, then they may offer you a mock interview during your application process. What are the benefits of taking the firm up on their offer?

Refresh Your Interview Skills

It doesn't matter how brilliant you are at your job or how many skills boxes you tick with a potential employer: you still have to interview well to get most jobs. Problem is, you might not have had a formal interview in a while if you've been in your current job for a few years, and interview skills can get rusty. You won't always perform to your full potential if you've forgotten what it's like to be in an interview and you're caught off-guard by a stray question.

In some cases, you may never have had an interview at your current level of experience. If you've worked for the same company for years, then you may have had one entry interview a good few years ago. You may never have had to contend with an interview for a more senior position.

In either case, you may not make the right impression to get the job if you aren't comfortable during the interview. Going through a mock interview with your headhunter refreshes your skills. Your headhunter can then talk to you about how well you performed and any issues they spotted. This helps you iron out any problems that might impair your performance in the real thing.

Practice For a Particular Client

Sometimes, headhunting companies suggest running mock interviews before they send candidates off to meet specific companies. This is useful even if you feel like your interview skills are up to speed.

If the headhunter knows the hiring company well and has placed a lot of candidates there in the past, then they will know a fair bit about how that company typically interviews. They may know the people that you're likely to meet, the structure of the interview and the kinds of questions you'll be asked, so having a trial run before the actual interview could be an advantage. You'll know what to expect and how to handle the interview beforehand.

Mock interviews aren't the only help a headhunting company can give you. To find out more about the services on offer, talk to a company like Wyman Bain Ltd.