The Safety Campaign That Could Save Your Life

Every workplace has hazards that owners will try to minimise to protect the workers, from offices to construction sites and everything in between. However, some hazards don't even seem like a problem until it is too late, which is exactly what the initiative Stop the Drop is aimed at preventing. Falling tools, equipment and materials are one of the leading causes of workplace injury and death across the UK and indeed the world and yet nothing is done in most cases to remedy that problem. That is why business owners are taking it into their own hands, and here's how you can join them.

1. Increase Awareness

The number one reason people are so careless with their tools and equipment while working at high altitudes is that they don't even realise they are putting anyone life in jeopardy. In the everyday ho-hum of work-life, it is very easy to forget that as a person working on a construction site you are around hazards virtually every day, and your brain can simply process these out to allow you greater peace of mind. When people are alerted to the serious injuries that can be caused by mundane objects, they begin to take it more seriously, so schedule a meeting to brief your crew on exactly this topic, and perhaps contact a representative from the initiative to talk about it with your team. 

2. Change Your Practices

There are some things that you can immediately change which can lower the risk of injury on construction sites straight away. The main thing you can do is introduce a new policy to use Stop the Drop approved tools which are all able to be attached to a belt or harness that you have to wear when working at high places. Everything from walkie-talkies to your hammer should have a clip that can attach it to your belt so that, in the event you do drop it, it doesn't fall. Making this company policy takes out all the decision making from your workers and makes everyone a lot safer, including any pedestrians in the area!

3. Tell Your Peers

While you can only be responsible for the people directly under your charge, you can help spread the movement by always being open about why you use special tools that attach to your harnesses or belt. Letting other construction companies and specialised industries know why Stop the Drop is important is the right thing to do, and you never know whose life it could end up saving. Working together the industry can overcome this problem as it has many times in the past, but it will take a concerted effort from everyone, so make sure you are doing your part to Stop the Drop.