Tips for Properly Installing a Fibre Cable

Effective communication is key to the success of any business. In this regard, fibre optic cables are considered the yardstick due to their high-speed internet connectivity. That said, proper installation is critical for optimal performance. Besides, it goes a long way in minimising regular repair and maintenance of a network infrastructure. Therefore, how do you ensure that fibre cabling is installed professionally? Read on to find out. Before and After Cable Quality Checks Read More 

The Safety Campaign That Could Save Your Life

Every workplace has hazards that owners will try to minimise to protect the workers, from offices to construction sites and everything in between. However, some hazards don't even seem like a problem until it is too late, which is exactly what the initiative Stop the Drop is aimed at preventing. Falling tools, equipment and materials are one of the leading causes of workplace injury and death across the UK and indeed the world and yet nothing is done in most cases to remedy that problem. Read More 

Four Reasons to Consider Buying a Cashmere Sweater

Have you heard a friend or relative talk about how much they love their cashmere sweater? If you have ever owned a cashmere sweater, then you won't need any convincing of the benefits of cashmere, but if you have never experienced the advantages that come from buying a cashmere sweater, then here are four reasons that you should think about investing in a cashmere sweater. Soft and silky Woollen sweaters are good at keeping you warm, but many people don't like wearing them close to their skin as they find then itchy. Read More 

Why Does Your Headhunting Company Want to Give You a Mock Interview?

Headhunting companies don't simply hook candidates up to suitable jobs as soon as they register. While some hires are an easy process, others take more time and work. Because of this, firms often offer a range of recruitment services to help candidates during the process. For example, if you've recently registered with a headhunter, then they may offer you a mock interview during your application process. What are the benefits of taking the firm up on their offer? Read More